Tuesday, February 19, 2008

5 Things a Bridal Makeup Artist Should Do:

A bridal makeup artist is one of the first people you'll see as you prepare yourself the day of your wedding. She will work with you and your hair stylist to create the radiant look you want and make it last all day! So, what should you expect from your wedding makeup artist?

  1. Choose a bridal makeup artist that offers a consultation trial run: as part of the package (this can happen months or weeks before your wedding). You don't want any surprises the day of the wedding and this eliminates that possibility! This is your opportunity to ask questions about your wedding day makeup, discuss wedding details such as colors of your flowers and attendants dresses, and to have your makeup done. In this consultation, we have the flexibility to make adjustments and changes until you are completely delighted with how you look. As your wedding makeup artist, I will listen to what you like and make suggestions. The proof is in the application. I begin lightly and make changes as we go along. Your final look should always be a collaboration between you and your wedding makeup artist.
  2. Choose a bridal makeup artist who goes to where you're getting ready the day of your wedding (expect the same from your hairstylist!).
  3. Choose a bridal makeup artist who respects your choices about how you want to look on your wedding day. Do you want a natural glow or a more glamorous touch? The pre-wedding consultation is the time to be sure you get the look you want.
  1. Be cautious about having your hairstylist offer to do your makeup as well as your hair. At the very least, this is generally not time-efficient and more important, they are rarely professionally trained as wedding makeup artists (which is part of the reason their pricing is so low) — hair is their area of expertise. I can't tell you the number of times that a bride has called me in a panic because her makeup trial session with her hairstylist was a fiasco (it's one of the reasons a pre-wedding consultation is critical). You want to choose someone whose area of expertise is wedding day makeup.
  2. Choose a wedding makeup artist who has a calm demeanor. The last thing you need on your wedding day is a frenzied makeup artist! Staying relaxed to enjoy the preparations is part of the joy of your day.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Boudoir Photo Session!

I just love doing boudoir photo sessions! They're simply FUN! Women are able to come in and treat themselves to a 2-3 hour makeup/hair/photography, get sexy shots for their husband/or wife;) or just to celebrate a holiday or weight loss victory...and the best part is they get to munch on chocolate covered strawberries and champagne in an upscale suite! Photographer Lori Barbely and I also offer these at your home too, but it doesn't include some of the perks. Hey "girls just want to have fun," and this last bunch was hilarious! Two of the girls where long time friends and decided to come together...I'd recommend doing it this way...it really helps to have a friend to do it with you. Their energy alone reminded me of a slumber party, just a bit more grown up:) And the third girl was a future scientist taking a little sassy "yet classy" album home to her husband to be! If you're interested in having your own Boudoir photo session, we have them about once a month and can be avalible throughout the year for private sessions. Just send me an email: makeupbydianne@gmail.com

ps...I forgot to get a before picture of the third girl...oh and we allow 3-4 girls a session so space fills quickly. Our next two shoots are March 8th and March 15th in Orlando Florida. We only have a few availabilities right now but if you have enough girls we might be able to set up a private "friends" only boudoir photo session!

Mady's Lake Side Wedding

Mandy Lewis decided on a small intimate evening wedding by Lake Eola, so she wanted to have a subtle glisten to her face. I used Mac cosmetics for a heavy concealer (believe it or not poor thing got a fever blister for her wedding). With a little special effort I was able to cover it along with the breakout..."oh the stresses of a weddings...aren't they fun?!" I used the cream foundation, auburn eye pencil, black powder eye liner (great for smear resistance), to pop her pretty greens and chose mauve for her lip, which is a great color for green eyes. Since her bridesmaids were dressed in purple we lined and highlighted with a light purple eye, which oddly enough, is also a GREAT color for green eyed beauties along with: Taupe, Beige Peach, Apricot, Coral Tan, Moca....

To give her a soft glow I used Mac's bronzer around the edges of her face and a small amount on her chin and cheek. I then used "gunpowder," by Urban Decay (I just love their fun names), which has a slight bits of silver glitter within the whitish eyeshadow. "Okay, generally I would NOT recommend using glitter on your wedding, but Mandy requested it; and after using it (sparingly) I found that JUST A LITTLE can look pretty. I then accented her beautiful eyes with giant lashes. Now ladies, I've tried MANY!!!! NO MANY!!! mascaras and the best one I've ever found was Great Lashes by Mabelline....seriously QUIT GETTING WON OVER BY MARKETING SCHEMES! JUST BECAUSE THE APPLICATOR OR THE COLOR OF TH E TUBE LOOKS "CUTE" THAT DOES NOT MEAN IT WILL WORK GREAT! IN FACT, IT USUALLY MEANS IT WORKS THE LEAST! After applying her lip I frosted it lightly with Revlon's sugar lips. You can find great products at drug stores every now and then....don't count them out! From the looks of this picture the product must taste like sugar too:)

Alicia Moes Beach "Princess" Wedding

Alicia Moe was another lucky Cocoa Beach Florida bride, but wanted a bit more "princess," style wedding. Since she was blessed with baby blues we decided on a deep red tone lip and soft sassy nude eyes for the classic Monroe look. I used a heavy concealer to cover blemishes and highlight the eyes, and covered it with a cream based Mac makeup foundation (great for pictures)! ps...you'll find that I use A LOT of Mac Makeup...and feel they should get credit for having such a phenomenal makeup line! And if you have not caught on by now...I LOVE their cream foundation for weddings and highly recommend trying it out for your wedding.

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Karrie Krells Natural Beach Wedding

Karrie and James Krell had a beach side wedding at Cocoa Beach, in sunny Florida! She had a stunning crystal lined dress and James wore flip flops..."only in the sun shine state, could a man get away with flops on his wedding day" :)

Karrie has a deep brown eye which is a great color to have since "brown eyed girls," really look good in any color! However, it's always a good idea to contrast. Since she has a dark eye but still wanted a warm beach style face, I decided to go with a light brown, peach and orange mix (I love mixing and blending different colors. I used a mauve for her lip, a small amount of concealer for a light highlight and a translucent powder by Mac makeup line.

Karlie Jeffers Church Wedding...

Karli Jeffers wedding was amazing and she looked absolutely stunning! I used a heavy concealer to cover the dark circles, that run commonly with blonds and fair skinned beauties and covered her entire face an neck with Mac's cream foundation. I highlighted her beautiful blue eyes with a smoky gray for a great contrast and to make them pop (red "on lips" is also a great color for blue eyes). I finished with a light sparkling white shadow under the bottom of her eyes for a subtle highlight. I'm a big fan of Mac makeup, so if you're in need of some great makeup stop by one of there many shops.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Book NOW! Boudoir Photo Shoot!/Sexy/Sassy and Classy!

I'm working on another boudoir photo shoot with photographer Lori Barbely
http://loribarbelyphotography.blogspot.com/ . We can't decide on a date and would like for anyone that's interested in booking to vote. Pleas click on a date below to enter your vote today.

If you'd like to take some sexy pictures for a your husband to be or just to have for a rainy day email me at ' makeupbydianne@gmail.com' and I'll send you over the package offer!